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Visa application of the language school

Easy language school as a student visa

Note at the time of application of the language school

When the lazy is application contents of the language school, more likely to apply for a student visa from being rejected. Once you are rejected a visa, the re-acquisition is a very time-consuming. To ensure that you get, it is important to apply from carefully check the conditions of student visa. Period to go to language school, please do not too short than the stay period to apply for a student visa. A lot to say because I want to take a vacation, situation such as that only three months for the stay of one year do not sign up for the school, you suspected illegal stay and illegal labor. Because supposed to language school there is a system in which students are enrolled can be a few weeks of leave application, sufficient vacation even during studying abroad will take. In addition, we have the class time should be a minimum attend a week as application conditions of a student visa is determined in many countries. Because in general it has been required to attend classes from 15 hours per week of about 20 hours at least, let's not fall below it. The upper limit is often not, and I apply the lessons just like those who want to learn a lot. And start a lesson of the language school has been and is preferably within a few days from travel. Travel to I think that for some time many people who want to spend leisurely or tourism, but please do not forget that more than to spend on a student visa is academic is the main.

Deep information of the language school